Color Sketches
Possible clothing options: silver  blue or red satin shirt....shiney sliver pants, or I have found a demin that have a metallic cross fiber which is really cool, a dark demin jean that shimmers. Sharkskin jacket (kind of a super shine silk look)
Possible colors-
Butter cream window pane plaid suit for Schemendi, oragne and red to circle his face, boater with yellow and oragne hand band
Adminrer- pale yellow plaid skirt, with blue stripes, pale blue shirt, then blue accessories
The suit below could also work for Schmendi- then I would change his accent colors to lavendar or green and adjust the admirer accordingly- though it isnt as dorky and pretentious as i would like- blue it can be pumped up (cut)
Picasso still has a bit of blue wrapped about him that he can loose as he moves forward. Red suspenders are finding under his rather beat up old coat. Shirt is more like long underwear type shirt instead of a real shirt.
Suzanne- rusts and roses with a bit of blue accents, all the colors from the painting. First shirt more muslin colored and opaque enough to hid the corset cover with its black trim (hard to tell in the sketch) part of corset cover peaks out of V in  blouse
The money folk-
Pearl grey for Sagot, with a cooler grey vest (or matching) pale pink shirt with white collar and black tie. Red rose buttineer, gold watch chain (with watch in pocket) Cane
Countess- royal blue walking dress with cream lace blouse and cream vest, gloves and parasol. Straw hat with ostrick plumes and scarlet feather accent. Red brooch with matching earrings (cameo?)
Gaston- - brown pants, golden rust vest, beat up cardigan with burgundy beret. both with pink carnation.
Einstein- mid grey plaid suit, a bit too tight. perhaps cuffs frayed a bit and pocket rip and repaired. coordinating vest, white shirt with thin wide spaced red stripe and burgundy tie, red socks. Pehaps dark brown shoes instead of black...
Freddy- old saggy trousers, beat up rust vest, apron arm bands and off white shirt with no collar.
Germaine- all most over the hill can-can dancer look. Long red beads draped over chest, faded lace edged chemise, bugundy and black corset, dark brown skirt with ruffled edge and trim. old apron
First round of color ideas...what do you think?